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Unreal Tournament 3 Xbox 360 version review 0

Unreal Tournament 3 patch

If you haven’t played Unreal Tournament 3 on your PC for a while, you may wish to give it another go with a huge update on the cards. It will include new Steam achievements, bug fixes and significant AI and vehicle improvements and that’s only the small tip of a very large iceberg. Unfortunately, there’s no release date yet but expect it via Steam soon. Related: Unreal Tournament 3 review, Unreal Tournament 3 Xbox 360 version review

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Unreal Tournament 3 Xbox 360 version review

Finally the Unreal Tournament 3 Xbox 360 version – to be honest, this for me is the preferred format for a multiplayer game seeing as Xbox Live isn’t free and so has to have some degree of stability and speed. Developed by Epic, the same people behind Gears of War, this sees you fighting a race called the Necris as you battle to save the Earth. Quite how you do this by capturing flags, getting as many frags over re-spawning teams and destroying glowing red or blue nodes is beyond me but suspend your disbelief and get into the game...

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Unreal Tournament 3 review

Unreal Tournament 3 isn’t in fact the third game in the series, it’s actually the 4th – and it also came out on the PC late last year. So does this make the PS3 version UT4.5? Maybe I’m thinking too hard about this. Anyway, there are plenty of online game modes to try out in this one and, just like on the PC as well, a new single player campaign if you want a bit of story and don’t just want to run around playing with lasers and firing Redeemers at each other’s bottoms. Game modes vary from Deathmatch, Team...

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Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3

Time to look at something that’s already out on the PC and soon it’s coming to the PS3. It’s Unreal Tournament 3! Previous Unreal Tournaments didn’t make it to consoles properly as consoles have never been powerful enough to cope with the extreme level of detail in the graphics, which high end PCs would run without breaking stride. This has all changed and with the power of the PS3 Midway are promising lots and lots of lovely stuff to please your eyes and your reaction times. Of course there’s online battles to take part in with other human players but...

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Unreal Tournament 3 keyboard and mouse support for the PS3

Unreal Tournament 3 is going to get keyboard and mouse support for the PS3. With the advent of PC gamers being able to share the same servers as console owners, PC owners currently have a huge advantage when playing games such as Shadowrun. This move should even things out a bit but will mean you’ll have to have 2 extra bits of kit in front of the TV. The missus won’t be happy!