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Rime review

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up on a desert island not knowing who you are or why you got there? Must have been a rough night! That’s exactly what’s happened to this cel-shaded critter and over a game lasting around 6 hours you have to move him around the island and its associated towers and indoor areas to find out why you are there, who you are and just who that person in a red cape is who’s always just out of reach! Rime is essentially a 3rd-person puzzle game. There isn’t a tonne of peril in...

Pneuma Breath of Life 0

Pneuma Breath of Life review

Pneuma Breath of Life is a puzzle game that reminds me of a cross between the PC puzzler Myst and Portal in that through a first person point of view, you must make your way through the beautiful landscapes by solving puzzles to open doors and move platforms. You don’t have a name, you don’t even know quite why you are making this journey and that’s also part of the intrigue – if it wasn’t for one of the most annoying piece of voice acting I’ve ever encountered in a game. As you make your way throughout the levels you...

Catherine 0

Catherine review

You may feel this is a late review but this game has only just been published in the UK so I’ve only just been able to recently try out infidelity and all the pain it eventually brings. You play as Vincent, a 32 year old guy who feels like things are coming to a head with his current girlfriend Katherine. She wants to get married and settle down but he still likes hanging out in the local bar with his pals. One evening he gets a little tipsy and wakes up next to a hot, if not a little insane,...