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Sony Orbis specs

Rumours abound that the next Sony console will be called the Orbis, will be out in 2013 and will contain measures to stop people playing pre-owned games! It also apparently won’t offer any backwards compatibility with PS3 software and games will be locked to your PSN account. Games should look pretty tasty though with a resolution of 4096×2160 and the ability to play 3D games in 1080p – if you’re into wearing dark glasses indoors. Buy a Sony Playstation 3 now New: Buy a Sony Playstation 3 from Amazon.com Screenshot from Sony developer site with the address orbis.scedev.net, a possible hint at...

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Playstation 3 3D support

This viral video has been released by Sony and it’s quickly doing the rounds over the internet. We believe they could either be teasing the arrival of the PlayStation 4 or it could even be something to do with the Playstation 3 3D revolution that’s gripping everyone right now. Either way, it’s all pretty weird. Buy a Playstation 3 now New: Buy a Playstation 3 from Amazon.com Related: PS3 firmware brings 3D support, PS3 buyers guide

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Using a PS3 wireless headset with a mobile phone

We’ve had a request from someone who wants to know if it’s possible to connect a PS3 bluetooth headset with her phone – yes it is possible and here’s how you do it. Just hold the power button on the headset for a few seconds until the red mic light flashes along with the power light. It’s now in ‘pairing’ mode. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and do a search for compatible devices and once the headset shows up, select it. Now just enter the passcode 0000 and you’re connected!

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Sony confirm PS3 slim specs

Sony have confirmed the specs of the new PS3. It’ll be 36% lighter, 32% smaller, have 120GB of storage space and will go on sale on 1st September priced at $299. Buy a PS3 slim now New: Buy a PS3 slim from Amazon.com Related: Official PS3 Slim release date, PS3 slim rumours

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Official PS3 Slim release date

In perhaps the worlds worst kept secret Sony has finally confirmed the existence and release date for the PS3 Slim console. The slimline Playstation 3 console, which is a third smaller and lighter, includes a 120GB hard disc and more recession friendly price tag of $299. Not only is this one of the cheapest ways to enjoy Blu Ray movies but Sony have announced both access to a greater library of downloadable movies but also an update in the firmware which gives you access to hundreds of hours of stuttering Holby City repeats courtesy of the BBC iPlayer. You’ll won’t...

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PS3 slim rumours

Rumours are flying around that Sony will be unveiling their new PS3 slim at GamesCom in Germany next week. The new machine is rumoured to be a lot slimmer than the current monster, and they’re also expected to announce the PSP Go will be cheaper than first announced. Buy a PS3 slim now New: Buy a PS3 slim from Amazon.com Related: Slimline PS3