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Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands review

A couple of years ago the Prince of Persia series had a bit of a reboot with a new cel-shaded look, a wise-cracking prince and a sidekick which meant you could never really die if you fell to your doom. To be honest, unlike that very sidekick, it didn’t really grab me and what I wished for was a return to the fantastic form of the original ‘remake’ of the game ‘The Sands of Time’. Thankfully Ubisoft have listened to the fans and made a next-gen game that mostly brings back the magic of the PS2 game. The Forgotten Sands...

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Prince of Persia review

Prince of Persia has to be one of the most remade games ever. There was the original 2D rotoscoped game that had incredibly realistic movement on 8 and 16-bit machines, a not so good 3D game, and then the highly successful and lovely Sands of Time which spawned a couple of mediocre sequels where the prince went a bit Emo. Now it’s Ubisoft Montreal’s turn to give their spin on the game and they’ve succeeded in creating a beautiful looking game which flows very nicely indeed. In a nutshell, you play the wisecracking prince who gets caught up in a...