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Mass Effect Andromeda Review

The original Mass Effect was one of my favourite game series to date and even though some people had trouble with the way it ended, I for one enjoyed the ride and was very much looking forward to Andromeda. This game takes humans to a brand new galaxy as they search for a new homeworld that just so happens to be a 600 year journey from the Milky Way. The game begins as you wake from hypersleep and choose to be one of the two Ryder twins, either male or female. Here you can customize your character, although I ended...

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Dead Space 3 vs Mass Effect 3

Dead Space 3 is out soon but do you still miss shooting things in the face as Commander Shepard? Well now you can pretend you’re still playing Mass Effect thanks to N7 armour available to Isaac Clarke. If you’ve played Mass Effect 3 and have a save game on your console, you’ll automatically get the suit to wear when dismembering those Necromorphs. Buy Dead Space 3 now New: Buy Dead Space 3 from Amazon.com Related: Mass Effect, Mass Effect 3

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Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

The free extended ending DLC for Mass Effect 3 is out now for those of you who felt a little lost after playing through the entire Mass Effect trilogy. Simply install the update and play the game from the autosave before the final Earth battle and you’ll get some extra goodness to make things a bit clearer. For those of you who can’t be bothered – it was all a dream, they are all ghosts and Shepard’s really a robot. Glad that’s cleared things up then. Buy Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut now New: Buy Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut...

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Mass Effect 3 sales figures higher than expected

Electronic Arts will be happy with pre-orders of Mass Effect 3. They’ve smashed all expectation they’ve had for the third in the sci-fi action RPG series and are way ahead of those of Mass Effect 2. They have been campaigning pretty heavily though, with a live action TV advert and even this week launching copies of the game into space with GPS trackers for avid gamers to follow and collect when they land! The Mass Effect 3 release date is 2nd March in the US and 9th March in Europe and there will be a full review on the next...

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer could topple Battlefield 3 0

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer could topple Battlefield 3

Mass Effect 3 is almost upon us…well, in just over a month in fact, and this trailer has just surfaced showing off more of the brand new multiplayer mode where you and fellow soldiers must help Commander Shepard’s cause in the war against the Reapers and the battle to save planet Earth. The video shows off different character classes including Human and Krogan soldiers, Quarian engineer, Drell and Asari vanguards, Salarian infiltrator and a Turian sentinel. With all this multiplayer fun on top of the single player experience this could be the game to drag me away from getting my...

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Mass Effect 3 Digital Deluxe Edition

Electronic Arts are rewarding gamers who buy Mass Effect 3 directly from their Origin portal by giving away some extra game content not available if you buy it from the shops or other online retailers. The Digital Deluxe Edition will feature the N7 Arsenal Pack which includes a sniper rifle, shotgun, pistol and SMG as well as a robotic dog! You’ll also get a new costume for Shepard, a digital artbook and the soundtrack. Buy Mass Effect 3 now New: Buy Mass Effect 3 from Amazon.com Related: Mass Effect 3 release date, Mass Effect 3 rumours