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Mario Kart 8 review 0

Mario Kart 8 review

The latest Mario Kart game gives me another reason to dust off my Nintendo Wii U and get back in the bucket seat for some silly action in one of my favourite racers. To be honest, this game feels far overdue but I’m glad it’s eventually here and just as accessible as ever. You must have played the game on one of Nintendo’s consoles or handhelds before, and this one takes ideas from a number of previous titles and lets you race over new and remixed tracks of old favourites in full HD for the first time. There are eight...

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Mario Kart 7 cheats

Nintendo have launched an update for Mario Kart 7 to stop some naughty exploits being used by players online. Shortcut exploits will be eliminated from three tracks, those being Wuhu Island Loop, Wuhu Mountain Loop and GBA Bowser Castle 1. And guess what, if you don’t download the update, you can’t play Mario Kart online any more so stop moaning, get the update and keep on trucking – or…karting. That was a saying that didn’t quite work. Buy Mario Kart 7 now New: Buy Mario Kart 7 from Amazon.com Related: Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart

Mario Kart 7 review 0

Mario Kart 7 review

Finally there’s news that the 3DS is actually selling out in some shops before Christmas and that probably has a lot to do with Mario coming to the system in the form of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. I’m a massive fan of the racing series so is it actually worth buying a 3DS for? Well, the short answer is, if I got the console and game for Christmas I’d be very happy indeed. Once again you can compete in 8 cups across three speed classes, each consisting of four races. Some of these are brand new...

Mario Kart 7 0

Mario Kart 7 launch event

Last night saw the launch event for Mario Kart 7 happen at the Sports Café at Haymarket in London. Although there was a hefty police presence outside due to protestors taking over most of the road, luckily we were still able to get into the venue to have a go on the game, drink some free beer and try to win a tournament. Quite what the prize was on offer I’m not sure I’m not sure, I just wanted to win. We decided to get straight onto the rows of Nintendo 3DSs lined up, have a practice and set our...

Sonic and Sega All Star Racing 0

Sonic and Sega All Star Racing review

Is it me or does even the full title of Sega’s latest title sound like they’re trying too hard? ‘Sonic and Sega All Star Racing with Banjo and Kazooie’ is certainly more than a mouthful. Note the Banjo and Kazooie sub heading is exclusive for Xbox 360 owners. Before we head into this review of Sonic & Sega All Star Racing I think we should be upfront with each other. There’s no point in me hiding the fact that I am a Mario Kart lover, it would be wrong of me not to let you know I already have a...

Mario Kart used in driving lessons 1

Mario Kart used in driving lessons

Mario Kart on the Wii is being used to promote road safety. A study in Colorado is getting people to play the game using the wheel peripheral whilst texting to see what happens. I know it’s dangerous to do that whilst driving but even more so when a red shell’s about to explode up your exhaust pipe. Buy Mario Kart now New: Buy Mario Kart from Amazon.com Related: Mario Kart review, Wii Fit used in healthcare