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Screenshot of Little Big Planet 0

Little Big Planet for the PSP review

LittleBigPlanet landed on PS3 shortly before Christmas last year, and showed the world that there was more to 2D platform adventures than anything Mario and co had so far thought of. Now, as Mario, Luigi, et al take their 2D adventuring from the handheld DS to the ‘big’ console in Super Mario Bros Wii, Sackboy, star of Little Big Planet is going the other way, moving from the PlayStation 3 onto the console’s more portable little brother, the PSP, in an adventure which could quite accurately have been called LittleLittleBigPlanet… but which wasn’t. If you’ve played the original version of...

Little Big Planet PSP version 16

Little Big Planet PSP version

Sony’s announced some new titles for the PSP. Following the success of the Buzz migration to the handheld, Little Big Planet and Motorstorm are also finding their way to the powerful little machine later in the year. EA are getting in on the act by bringing Rockband to the PSP as well. Let’s hope it’s better than Activision’s Guitar Hero World Tour effort on the DS. Related: Guitar Hero World Tour, Buzz

Little Big Planet Street Fighter costume 0

Little Big Planet Street Fighter costume

Go to the PlayStation store and you can find brand new Street Fighter costumes for your little sack people in Little Big Planet. The four costumes are $1.99 each or you can get all four for $5.99. Hadoken! Related: PS3 chirstmas games 2008, LittleBigPlanet Xbox 360 version

Little Big Planet crack 1

Little Big Planet crack

Some naughty level designers have found a way to break Little Big Planet. Just create a massive spinning wheel and set the game speed to maximum and your little Sackboy gets stuck in a spinning wheel of death he can’t get out of. I’m sure LittleBigPlanet will be patched soon but don’t try it as the only way to escape is to delete your saves! Related: Little Big Planet Xbox 360 version

Little Big Planet Beta Keys 6

Little Big Planet Beta Keys

Have you been one of the lucky few to get hold of a Little Big Planet beta key recently? Chances are that you’re not as only 1,000 keys were being given away on the official LBP blog and they were snapped up in less than an hour. It seems that the world is going totally Sackboy crazy all of a sudden, is LittleBigPlanet for PS3 really going to be the savoir Sony is desperately after? After all we’re hearing that in a bid to get the game out in time for the Christmas holiday season there are parts of LittleBigPlanet’s...

Lily Allen to feature in Little Big Planet 0

Lily Allen to feature in Little Big Planet

The Edinburgh Interactive Festival concluded this Tuesday at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre after three days of fun, frolics and chicken tikka massala. A smaller, Scottish equivalent of E3 the event featured game-themed film screenings, an industry conference and a free-to-enter consumer section where a number of commercial and indie games were on display. While there was a definite casual slant to the games on the main show floor (with a live DS Indian cookery display, and Wii Fit demonstrations attracting the biggest crowds) there were a couple of gems to be found for the more discerning gamer. Of these...