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Kirbys Epic Yarn review

Despite starring in over fifteen of his very own games and appearing in countless others; Kirby still remains one of Nintendo’s lesser known characters. In recent years he’s had much more exposure after appearing in the Super Smash Bros series but he is still far from being a household name like Mario or Sonic. You can just tell from looking at Kirby why he is more popular in Japan than elsewhere, he’s a cute pink blob that screeches like a girl for heaven’s sake. Hardly a character that is going to impress the youth of today that are more impressed...

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Kirbys Epic Yarn review

I haven’t played a proper Kirby game since the N64 so I was looking forward to Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Yes I know it’s twee but it’s good clean fun. Anyway the story’s quite trippy. Basically Kirby happens across a tomato that belongs to a sorcerer and gets transported from Dream Land to Patch Land. Oh, and another thing, he’s now made of yarn so instead of sucking up bad guys and using their powers he can now transform into all sorts of objects from tanks to fire engines as he finds pieces of yarn to put Patch Land back together....

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Top kids Wii games

So three years after launch Nintendo’s Wii console is still a hot ticket to be the number one system of choice this holiday season. The recent price drop to $199 has spurred sales and finally becomes a more realistic prospect for families or even just for the children’s bedrooms. We all know that everyone loves the Wii because it brings unique motion sensing gameplay to your living room. The free bundled Wii Sports game is still a worldwide phenomenon to this day and everyone from young children to grandparents enjoy it immensely. Here are my hot tips for the best...

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Learning with the PooYoos Episode One review

Were you one of the lucky parents to be pressured into buying a Nintendo Wii for your oldest son or daughter a few Christmases ago? Have they given up with Wii Sports and left the Wii to be used by the youngest in the family whilst they experience all the fun that hormones deliver? Well fear not. The lovely white box of magic doesn’t have to be packed away just yet because your littlest kids can now experience some fun interactive learning from the comfort of their own home. Learning with the PooYoo’s is a cartoon-styled educational series for children...

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Imagine Fashion Party for Wii

Have you got a teenage girl living at home with no friends? Well thanks to Ubisoft your daughter can now experience the fun and joy of a fashion party of her very own without having call upon imaginary friends. You can be sure she is practicing valuable life skills such as; Applying makeup, Cutting Hair and Fashion design all in the comfort of her bedroom with Imagine Fashion Party for Wii. Unpopular sisters can even play together in a host of fashion related mini games to raise their street cred to previously unattainable heights. The Imagine Fashion Party release date...

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Nintendo apologise for children games

Nintendo have apologised for the lack of hardcore games available on the Wii. Core gamers were waiting to hear details of new Mario and Zelda titles only to get news on Animal Crossing, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Music. They say it’s a “misunderstanding”. Related: Animal Crossing Wii City Folk, Wii Sports 2