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Just Cause The Movie

News just in on the Just Cause movie. They’ve now found a screenwriter to try and make it not be as bad as most movies based on videogames. That man is called Michael Ross (no I haven’t heard of him either). Buy Just Cause 2 now New: Buy Just Cause 2 from Amazon.com Related: Just Cause 2 review, Just Cause 2 release date

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Just Cause 2 review

Let me say straight off the bat that Just Cause 2 is what the original game should have been. When I saw the original demo at E3 a few years ago I was blown away, only to be disappointed when I played the full game. This sequel however is a lot more fun, has more variety and has the winning formula of the parachute and grappling hook which I’ll come to in a minute. So once again you play as Rico Rodriquez and this time you’re working for an agency which must cause as much chaos on the East-Asian island...

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Just Cause 2 release date

The sequel to the 2006 underground hit Just Cause is almost here. The original was a fun third person shooter set in the Caribbean in the middle of a guerrilla war. You take control of Rodriguez once again and yes it seems your role is to topple another evil dictator, but this time in Asia. Prepare for guns; grappling hooks, great graphics and even more guns come the Just Cause 2 release date of March 23rd in the US and March 26th in the UK. Buy Just Cause 2 now New: Buy Just Cause 2 from Amazon.com