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Ghostbusters Xbox 360 release date

If you’re still waiting to play Ghostbusters on your Xbox 360 in Europe, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. It should have been out before Halloween but you’ll now be able to put on your proton pack on 6th November. Related: Ghostbusters videogame review, Ghostbusters developer interview

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Ghostbusters videogame review

I was a massive Ghostbusters fan as a kid and still have a soft spot for it, so I was looking forward to playing the new Ghostbusters game complete with the official likenesses, voices and music from the film that’s dear to a lot of people’s hearts. The good news is that if you’re a fan, you can’t help but be swept along with their latest adventure with a huge smile on your face every time you laugh out loud at a joke and of course fire a proton stream or trap a ghost. The bad news is, this is...

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Ghostbusters Xbox 360 release date

The Ghostbusters Xbox 360 version won’t be region locked according to Atari. This means if you’re from the UK and want to play Ghostbusters on the Xbox 360 on the 16th whilst PS3 owners have the exclusivity, you can import one from North America. Related: Interview with Ghostbusters the videogame developers, Ray Parker Jr interview

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Ghostbusters videogame delay

If you were expecting a funky demo of the new Ghostbusters game on the 25th anniversary Blu-Ray release, you’re going to be disappointed, at least if you live in North America. However, lucky people in the UK may get to try it out slightly before it’s available in late June. Related: Ghostbusters the videogame interview, Ray Parker Junior interview

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Ghostbusters the videogame interview

Last week we went to visit the guys behind Ghostbusters the Videogame. Watch the Ghostbusters interview with music legend Ray Parker Junior and Executive Producer Brendan Goss from Terminal Reality about the forthcoming game. Related: Ghostbusters interview

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Ghostbusters delay

Bad news for Ghostbusters fans. The Ghostbusters video game may have been put back after the recent merger between Activision and Sierra’s parent company Vivendi Games. There’s even the possibility it may not even show its face at all – although Sierra are saying it’s NOT actually been cancelled. Related: Ghostbusters videogame, Ghostbusters Theme Song