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Fallout 4 review

So it’s finally here, after years of speculation and finally being announced earlier in the year, Fallout 4 brings as back to the wasteland following a nuclear war with a brand new storyline, location and tonnes of things to do in a very familiar setting. This time the action begins in your family home before the bombs drop and you’re soon shuttled into a Vault for your own protection but as we know, these vaults aren’t what they seem. Safe to say you emerge about 200 years later to find something you’ve lost and get embroiled in all kinds of...

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Fallout 4 trailer

So it’s official, Fallout 4 is actually happening and they’ve finally shown us a trailer of what to expect. The game’s going to be set in Boston and features yet more post-apocalyptic fun. Click on the Fallout 4 trailer to see a taster of what to expect including dogs, mutants, robots and…dust! Expect a more in-depth show at the Bethesda Press conference at E3 at 3am on 15th June if you live in the UK.

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Fallout 4 release date

Bethesda are delivering their first ever E3 Showcase at the Dolby Theatre on June 14th 2015. The show kicks off from 7pm PST and is sure to feature the much rumoured announcement of Fallout 4 along with a possible release date. Invites are now closed but if you head down to E3, you can pick up last minute tickets by queueing up outside the Dolby Theatre along Hollywood Boulevard from 1pm on the Sunday. If you still can’t attend you can still see all the action live on their Twitch channel at www.twitch.tv/bethesda or on YouTube at www.youtube.com/bethesdasoftworks.

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Fallout New Vegas Old World Blues review

Old World Blues is the third expansion pack for Fallout New Vegas which, at least I felt, feels like an expansion pack for Fallout 3 in itself. The last two add-on adventures were okay but could have done with a bit more va-va-voom. Luckily, Old World Blues is the best expansion for the game yet with some great characters, funny dialogue and a few new weapons, outfits and perks that you can of course take back with you into the main game once you’ve completed it. After stumbling across a fallen satellite at a drive-in you wake up to find...

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Fallout New Vegas Dead Money release date

New downloadable content’s been announced for Fallout New Vegas. Dead Money will be available on Xbox Live from 21st December and lets you play as a new character who’s the victim of a raw deal. You and three other captured wastelanders will need to work together facing new challenges, enemies and choices. Buy Fallout New Vegas now New: Buy Fallout New Vegas from Amazon.com Related: Fallout New Vegas, Fallout New Vegas release date

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Fallout New Vegas review

The chances are that if you’re interested in playing Fallout New Vegas you’ve already played through Fallout 3 and thoroughly loved every minute of it like I have. So the good news is it looks and plays very similar but that can also be seen as bad news as well depending on your perspective. Instead of being born, this time you’re actually shot in the head and left for dead at the beginning of the game and then wake up in a doctor’s shack after you’ve been revived in the town of Goodsprings. You soon remember that you were a...