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Forget what you think you know about Red Faction, this game is very different from the first-person shooter set mostly underground where you couldn’t destroy as much as they claimed you could. This time everything building and structure can be destroyed and it’s an integral part of the gameplay. You’ll also notice they’ve switched to third-person so you can see and avoid all the destruction around you.

So, you come to Mars to work and soon find out the Earth Defence Foundation or EDF are running the place in a very heavy handed manner to put it mildly. It turns out your brother is working for the resistance called Red Faction and at the start of the game, he gets gunned down. Needless to say that’s enough motivation for you to join them too and begin taking the power back.

So you end up in an open world scenario where you do story missions to progress, but also other missions on the side which give raises morale of townsfolk, meaning more soldiers join the fight with you and you can get better upgrades for your weapons. Blowing up towers and barrels full of explosives is a good way to bring down buildings, but you also have the use of explosive charges, a very powerful hammer and eventually rocket launchers and other powerful weapons.

The game world looks fantastic and the music makes battles really exciting whether you’re rescuing hostages or blowing up strategic EDF bases. There are also vehicles you can hop in and out of GTA style if you need to make a quick getaway and huge walkers which are the most fun you’ll have – walking right through buildings to cause the most destruction I’ve ever seen in a game!

You soon learn this game is all about using the environment around you. Fighting the EDF directly will work but takes time. It’s better to blow up buildings or structures nearby and bury them alive (it’s also a lot more fun).

And once you’ve had fun with the single player mode there’s multiplayer mode to try out with some fun new game modes and of course all that lovely destruction to mix things up a bit.

If you like a challenge, lots of destruction and you want to play something a bit different, this could be your game of the summer.

Red Faction Guerrilla gets an excellent 8 out of 10.

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