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InFamous may look like a GTA clone at first glance but when you play it, you find out it’s really not and it’s almost a mix between any free-roaming Spider-Man game and Assassins Creed.

You play as Cole, a normal citizen who’s on his way to work one day when a massive explosion wipes out the city. As you’re running from the carnage things aren’t quite as they seem when you get zapped by electricity and realise you’ve been given new powers to fire lightning bolts from your hands, recharge your energy from anything with power nearby, and blast stuff to kingdom-come.

Of course, the story follows lots of twists and turns involving government conspiracies and weird hallucinations as you complete story objectives and side missions that help to make you more powerful. As you progress through the game you get to throw lightning grenades, heal people and steal their life energy amongst other cool things. You also have moral choices to make which affect which power-ups you can use going forward.

The main reason this isn’t like GTA is the fact you can’t drive cars. The excuse is your energy blows them up, so you spend most of the time climbing buildings and running over rooftops. You’ll also find lots of goodies high up so I hope you’re not scared of heights. The game does a good job of guessing what you want to do when you make a jump which makes it possible to leap, scale, slide and swing around the city with ease. Occasionally you’ll fall to your death into deadly water but luckily you start again almost where you fell.

Although the game can get a bit repetitive in the middle, it does really ramp up again before the end and is a slick action game with some cool missions and plenty of bad ‘Reapers’ to fry, capture and run away from.

If you want a game which shows off how well your PS3 can throw around polygons which also entertains with a great story and presentation, it’s definitely worth a look. InFamous for the Playstation 3 gets an excellent 8 out of 10.

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