The Conduit 2 release date

Sega and High Voltage Software return with a follow up to the reasonably successful First Person Shooter for Wii; The Conduit. Whilst the original Conduit for Wii was a little stale in places, it did at least push the hardware with its impressive visuals and innovative completely customisable control scheme. I can’t deny I’m looking forward to another dose of Sci-Fi action on Wii this winter and The Conduit 2 for Wii looks very promising.

Building upon the impressive but flawed online modes in the original, we can expect a much more exciting range of features in the sequel. Details announced so far include:

  • Team Invasion Mode, a 4 player online GOW style Horde Mode
  • 12 Player online deathmatch
  • 20+ Weapons
  • Improved online security to stop cheaters and hackers
  • Wii Speak voicechat support

Recently confirmed is the option to add WiiMotionPlus to your controller for improved accuracy, no word yet on a pack in deal but stay tuned for information if it happens. Currently the North American Conduit 2 release date is November 2nd 2010; hopefully that will be the same across Europe because that just happens to be my birthday.

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The Conduit 2

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  1. Tweef says:

    Halo 3 and reach are amazing, but I dont have a xbox360, only a wii :( thats why im looking forward to this…it would completely suk if they waited until next year to realese it