Metroid Other M release date

It’s shocking to think that when Metroid Other M Wii comes to our shores, Metroid Prime 3 will already be three years old. Metroid Other M for the Wii was not only a surprise reveal at E3 2009 but along with the game’s announcement came more surprises. Firstly the game’s co-development with Team Ninja was an unexpected shift away from the previous partnership with Retro Studios and secondly, a new gameplay mechanic was unveiled.

Metroid Other M is a third person adventure which fuses the classic retro 2D Metroid gameplay with modern first person shooter action. You control Samus in an almost isometric over the shoulder viewpoint whilst you run, jump and morph ball around the environments. What’s new is that at any time you can point your WiiMote towards your TV and instantly switch into a static FPS mode which literally puts you behind the visor for pixel perfect shooting.

The Metroid Other M release date is August 31st 2010 for both North America and Europe, we can’t wait.

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Metroid Other M

Metroid Other M

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