Kirbys Epic Yarn release date

Nintendo were full of surprises at this year’s E3; not only did we see a new Zelda and a new Nintendo DS, but we also got a look at some great new games for Nintendo Wii this year.

Kirbys Epic Yarn for Wii is a brand new title in the long running Kirby franchise, just as with most of the previous games this is a 2D Side Scrolling platformer. As you’ll probably already know, Kirby is a flying shape-shifting pink blob that can absorb special powers from the enemies he eats. This time around though most of Kirby’s amazing powers have been stripped away and it is you and your Wii Remote that has the power.

Gone are the cutesy cartoon graphics that you remember, bring in a lush vibrant and very detailed world of Cloth and Textiles. Everything in Kirby’s Epic Yarn (including Kirby himself) is made of fabric and boy does it remind me of LittleBigPlannet; but in a good way. Expect a world of unique puzzles that use this new graphic style and gameplay to match. The Kirby Epic Yarn release date is 31st October 2010.

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Kirbys Epic Yarn

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