Donkey Kong Country Returns release date

Now this I did not expect. Retro Studio’s the developer of the Metroid Prime trilogy pull a surprise punch with the return of my favourite Nintendo Platformer (sorry Mario); Donkey Kong Country. After Microsoft’s acquisition of Rare Software I thought there would be no chance of a true sequel to the superb Super Nintendo game series. Yes we had Donkey Kong Jungle Beat which was an interesting rhythm based platformer that came boxed with plastic bongos, but it wasn’t a true DKC game. Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii is an awesome looking platforming side-scroller that promises to bring back the tricky retro action we’ve all missed but give us a modern real time 2 player cooperative mode and gorgeous multi-layered real time 3D graphics. The Donkey Kong Country Returns release date is Christmas 2010 and is going to be a great holiday title.

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Donkey Kong Country Returns

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