Dead Space 2 release date

The original Dead Space was a unique third person shooter that used the darkness and sudden music cues to great effect. At the time I described it as Resident Evil 5 set on a space ship and two years later the analogy still fits. Dead Space extraction on the Wii was an on-rails first person shooter which acted as a prequel to the original and was equally as good at setting a scary atmosphere, even without HD graphics.

Dead Space 2 returns next year and promises more spooky happenings as well as another ton of Necromorphs to slay in the dark. PlayStation 3 owners also have the opportunity to experience Dead Space 2 for PS3 in glorious Wii Style, with PlayStation Move support. The Dead Space 2 release date is January 25th 2011 in the US and three days later for Europe.

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Dead Space 2

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