Crackdown 2 release date

The original Crackdown for Xbox 360 in 2007 was for many actually better than Grand Theft Auto 4. Not that Crackdown was as gritty, realistic or as detailed as Rockstar’s masterpiece but it certainly was more fun to play. Rather than get bogged down with petty crime, relationships and sibling loyalty; Crackdown went in the other direction and played things up with extra violence, explosions and super hero abilities.

Crackdown 2 for Xbox 360 takes place in Pacific City and once again you’re going to be in the midst of gang warfare all over the show. A selection of new special moves and a very exciting sounding four player online coop campaign await us, is this going to be bigger and better than the original? Of course it is, the real question is if the revamped multiplayer deathmatch modes for up to 16 players will tear us away from Lead and Gold on PS3 and Red Dead Redemption on Xbox 360.

The Crackdown 2 release date in North America is July 6th 2010 and comes to Europe 3 days later on July 9th. Preorder with Amazon and get it the day it comes out straight to your doorstep.

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