Wii Shop Channel Releases

Nintendo have updated the Virtual Console with another two classic games this week. Firstly we have the original Mega Man in all its 8bit platforming NES glory. For 500 WiiPoints it is well worth a purchase in preparation for the upcoming Mega Man 9, beware though – Mega Man is a very tough game and not for the fainthearted.

Secondly we have yet another NEOGEO game for 900 WiiPoints. A two player golfing game from the mid-nineties called Neo Turf Masters which features stroke and match play with full 18 hole courses. The game might have been fun at the time, but it sure isn’t Tiger Woods Wii.

Finally for WiiWare we have another game from cell phone developer Gameloft who have really jumped on board Nintendo’s digital download service. Midnight Pool for WiiWare is as you would guess, a pool simulator for Wii which uses the motion controls to add to the realism. Probably the best pool game on Wii right now with full 8-ball US, 8-ball UK and 9-ball game mode and it only costs 800 WiiPoints.

Wii Shop Channel Releases

Wii Shop Channel Releases

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