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We’re cautiously excited about PlayStation Move, it’s clear that Nintendo made some correct moves when developing the Wii but they did cheap out on inaccurate and low quality tech. After four years of studying the success (and anti-climax) of Wii; Sony went to their drawing board with the goal of improving motion control and bringing it to their core PlayStation 3 audience.

Whether Sony will convince Sony PS3 owners to buy into motion control is anyone’s guess. What we do know is that they’re trying very hard with good looking previews at E3 and a low cost Playstation Move Starter Bundle.

The PlayStation Move pack in the US the package contains:

  • One PlayStation Move motion controller
  • One PlayStation Eye camera
  • Sports Champions (Wii Sports style) Blu-ray game

European owners of the PlayStation Move pack have a slightly different bundle that includes:

  • One PlayStation Move motion controller
  • One PlayStation Eye camera
  • A demo disc containing previews of Sports Champions, Eye Pet and many more.

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