Locks Quest and Doodle Hex

Two cool new demos have appeared on the Nintendo Channel download service for UK Wii owners:

First up is Lock’s Quest from THQ. An intriguing action come puzzle/build em up. Your goal is to build defence walls, turrets and other goodies in a bid to stop the invasion from some evil clockwork monsters. Frantic action which sees you building and repairing walls as well has having fisticuff sessions to protect your hometown. It’s quite a lengthy demo by the way, which is cool.

Secondly we have Doodle Hex from Bitbox. This is an odd beat em up which focuses just on magic skills, you draw symbols on the top screen to send attack spells or defend against someone else’s spells. Nice comic book graphics and an interesting idea but I didn’t spot the fun, maybe you will though.

Locks Quest and Doodle Hex pics

Locks Quest and Doodle Hex

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