Escape from the Museum

Escape from the Museum (originally a PC game) is a simple puzzle adventure game that takes you on a journey inside the National Museum of History after an earthquake. You play the role of Susan and your task is to find your missing daughter and escape the crumbling museum. Along the way you’ll have to solve lots of puzzles, find hidden exits, save artefacts from destruction and best of all, play mini games. Escape from the Museum Wii is a basic point and play puzzler and not really intended for adults but is coming out at a bargain $19.99 this holiday season. It might keep the kids quiet for a little while, but be warned – they might end up asking for some help with the tricky puzzles. If you’d like to try a 60 minute demo of the PC version (which is very similar to the Wii version) then check out the link below whilst you wait for the Escape from the Museum release date of Christmas 2008.

Escape from the Museum

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