Deca Sports Wii

After multimillion sales of Wii Sports in Japan (it doesn’t come free with the Wii over there you know), Konami have jumped on the cute sports game bandwagon and are publishing Hudson Software’s own take on the genre. DecaSports features 10 cute but realistically designed events for you and up to three friends to play on your Wii console.

It’s good to hear that instead of duplicating the games from Wii Sports (such as Wii Tennis and Wii Bowling), Hudson has sensibly decided to put forward some different sports for us to enjoy. These are: Basketball, Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Curling, Badminton, Archery, Snowboarding, Figure Skating, Kart Racing and Motocross. The Deca Sports release date for the UK is still a frustrating To Be Confirmed, but I have a feeling this will be out in plenty of time for the Beijing Olympics whilst we’re all still feeling sporty. I recommend all Nintendo Wii Sports fans to check out the Deca Sports trailer.

Deca Sports Wii

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