Death Track Resurrection

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a really great futuristic racer, especially for the PC. Luckily 505 games are bringing Death Track Resurrection exclusively to the PC to fill the void. If you fancy a preview of the game why not head over to the official site and download the Death Track Resurrection Demo, we did and were not disappointed.

It feels like a cross between Ridge Racer (when it was good), Wipeout (when that was good too) and Vigilante 8 (which was never very good). Death Track Resurrection is full of weapons, explosions and stunts but also has some great lengthy and twisty tracks through futuristic looking versions of: London, Moscow, New York, Paris and others. The graphics are a little dated but the sheer amount of stuff going on and the density of the cities really makes up for it but make sure you have a feisty graphics card to handle all the 3D objects being pushed about.

Death Track Resurrection

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